Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Here we go....

Welcome to Blue Rain Innovations! We are just getting started with this blog, so bare with me.
Just to get you up to date:
 My husband and I began our adventure this past summer, with leftover granite. We made clocks, paper weights, and paper towel holders. Then out of the blue..came cigar boxes! I started turning them in to purses, clocks and jewelry boxes. I really enjoyed jazzing the boxes up! We attended several art and craft shows this past year and really had a great time and met some wonderful people! We also had the opportunity to put our granite paper towel holders and cigar box purses in a few stores around Huntsville. Currently Harrison Brothers is carrying the paper towel holders, cigar boxes purses and now cigar box clocks! But we didn't stop there...we  added Antique flatware. At the end of October we were given the chance to have our own studio at 16 Main Gallery. Where my husband, Andy and I make one of a kind antique spoon/fork jewelry! We also use serving-ware too. We enjoy the unique jewelry that starts with either a spoon or fork and butter knives too. We have also made candle holders and bud vases out of the antique serving-ware. You can find one of a kind spoon and fork pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings, just come visit us at 16 Main Gallery... 16 Main Street Madison, AL. Hope to see ya soon!